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Break free from conference rooms – invigorate your corporate meetings with a change of scenery. Use Grandview’s various rooms to conduct off-site boardroom business, roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions. Bring your business to Grandview—and check your stress at the door. Grandview offers a private, intimate, luxurious setting to bring your meetings to life. By going offsite to do meetings, it has been shown to be more productive and efficient.

Meeting with your coworkers in an off-site environment can typically lead to fresh ideas. The act of being offsite means that the regular distractions and stresses of everyday work life are out of sight and out of mind. Your coworkers and employees are more focused on the meeting's agenda and have more individual time to become inspired and brainstorm new ideas.

Meeting in an off-site location also aids in developing teamwork. Your employees who don't normally run into each other on regular day, will have the opportunity to see each other and learn more about each other. The hiearchical lines of the office culture are relaxed and slightly disolved when people meet outside of the office. This will lead to employees bonding, building friendships, and creating the desire and ability to work as a cohesive team.

Off-site locations will also provide greater amanities than the normal office space, which leads to a better change for effective presentations. Here at the Grandview we offer luxorious rooms with comfortable chairs and tables, projection screen for presentations, and also full service catering with coffee and hand made snacks to keep everyone focused.

Meeting at the Grandview can also boost morale. We've noticed our clients mention having more energy and excitement while meeting in our space. By getting out of the office, catering lunch, and providing a distraction free environment, employees are more engaged during the meeting and more excited to carry out projects afterwards.

Meeting Space Rental Pricing

Oak Room (Classroom, Lecture, or Conference style 24-48 people)  
Mountain Stone Room (Conference style - 12-14 people)  
Eastview or Westview Breakout Rooms  

Sample Room Layouts

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