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Best Wedding Cakes in Chattanooga

Even as a local to Chattanooga, getting married in or around the city can feel like a destination wedding. With the river winding through downtown and Lookout Mountain beckoning above the skyline, it’s hard to deny Chattanooga as a potential wedding venue

If you’ve decided that getting married in the city is right for you and your partner, you might be putting together a list of vendors. Between caterers, florists and rental companies — there are a lot of options to weigh. As one of the premier wedding venues and caterers in Chattanooga, we wanted to help a little with some decision making. That’s why we put together a guide to the best wedding cakes in Chattanooga. 

But first things first, let’s get to know the history behind wedding cakes. 

traditions of wedding cakes

History of Wedding Cakes

Believe it or not, the history of wedding cakes can be traced back to Ancient Greece. At modern-day weddings, we are used to seeing sugary, sweet cakes covered in delicious frosting. Traditionally, the newlyweds will cut the cake together and feed it to one another. But in Ancient Greece, the tradition was very different. 

Back then, a marriage ceremony would come to a close with a cake much less sweet and made of wheat or barley. Instead of cutting the cake and eating a slice, the cake would be broken over the top of a bride’s head — this was supposedly a symbol of luck and fertility. The pair would then eat some of the crumbs to symbolize one of their first acts as a newly married couple. Once they had their share, wedding guests would also eat the leftover crumbs for good luck. Sounds a bit messier than the wedding cake traditions we are used to today. 

The wildness of wedding cake traditions didn’t end with Ancient Greece. By the Middle Ages, wedding cakes had evolved into something a bit sweeter and bigger. It has been said that stacking buns or cookies became part of the wedding cake tradition. All of that sweetness would be piled as high as possible before the bride and groom would attempt to kiss over it. If they were able to kiss successfully without knocking over the sweet stack, the newlyweds would be granted good luck. 

These wedding cake customs are just a few of several different ethnic traditions known throughout history. By the early 19th century, the bride’s cake would start to change the way we saw wedding cakes in the past to how we know them today. With sugar becoming easier to access but still expensive, the wealthy started to use pure white frosting to display their wealth and social status. This later helped shape the modern-day wedding cake. 

Modern-Day Wedding Cake Traditions

best wedding cakes in chattanooga

At a modern-day wedding, there are a few traditions associated with the wedding cake. Throughout history, we have seen how the wedding cake was served to all of the guests and couple as a symbol of good luck. Today, we don’t necessarily see the cake served to the guests. The cake cutting is seen as a commitment to provide to one another. The top part of the cake may also be preserved to eat a year later, for the couple’s anniversary. Just like we have seen throughout history, eating the cake at this time is seen as a symbol of good luck. 

What to Know About a Wedding Cake Tasting

First off, it’s important to discuss a budget before arriving at a cake tasting. Oftentimes the baker will want to talk through pricing options during your visit, so be prepared with a number in mind. Other details like where your reception will be held and where are also important to know before a consultation. 

While every bakery is different, a wedding cake tasting is often about the desired flavor combinations as well as the design or aesthetic of your wedding. Sometimes bakers want to know who your florist or photographer will be so that they can think through ideas of the overall look for your cake. 

If you haven’t gotten this far yet, bring some ideas for inspiration. Picking out the flavors and design is a pretty big part of a cake tasting — not to mention all the delicious moments you’ll get to experience. Depending on how things go during a tasting, you’ll likely be signing a contract.

Best Wedding Cake Bakeries in Chattanooga

Now that we have a better understanding of wedding cakes and the process of picking one out, let’s get down to business and break down some of the best wedding cake bakeries in Chattanooga. The following bakeries are listed in no particular order. 

Sweet Angel Cakes

With more than 20 years of experience, Sweet Angel Cakes is a woman-owned bakery in the Chattanooga area that makes some really lovely sweets. Sweet Angel Cakes can create wedding cakes customized to any vision. Their wedding cakes start at a $249 minimum. They also offer “budget-friendly” wedding cakes that are two-tier and serve up to 50 people. 

Chatta-Cakes Bakery 

Opening their doors in 2013, Chatta-Cake Bakery is a great local option for that family-friendly feel. Discover this bakery’s passion for baking by ordering one of their custom wedding cakes. Stop by for a cake tasting and make an appointment to walk through the details of the cake from size to design. 

Federal Bake Shops

Find quality and flavor at family-owned and operated Federal Bake Shops in Chattanooga. Using their family’s original formulas for their danish cream cheese icing and buttercream icing, Federal Bake Shops is not the option to pass up — especially with wedding cakes that start at $94.00. 

Next Tier Wedding Cakes 

If you’re after a beautiful customized wedding cake, look no further than Next Tier Wedding Cakes. Their wedding cake gallery says it all with creatively designed cakes with buttercream clouds and spring-pressed flowers. This one is a little bit higher on the price end but totally worth it for the quality. 

Cakemakers Etc.

Winners of the 2017 Couples’ Choice Award, trust Cakemakers, Etc... to take hold of your wedding cake design. From classy white to creatively unique wedding cakes, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed when choosing these custom designers to help plan for your dream wedding.

B’s Sweets

B’s Sweets is another Chattanooga favorite for delicious sweets and custom creations. Get a wedding cake from small intimate elopement cakes to detailed wedding cakes customized for you and your partner. 

Alternatives to Buying a Wedding Cake

Now that you know all about where to buy the best wedding cake in Chattanooga, you might be wondering whether or not you even want a cake for a wedding. Maybe you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, maybe you don’t like cake but you love cookies. Good news! You are not alone. 

In fact, newlyweds have been breaking tradition and choosing alternatives to wedding cakes for a while now. So what’s the best route to go? That’s completely up to you. Do you love donuts? Why not make a donut tower? What about cinnamon rolls? Stack them up! Talk with a caterer or baker from the list above to work through some of your big ideas for your dream day. 

For more wedding inspiration or help planning, talk with us at Grandview. We’re more than just a wedding venue in Chattanooga and can help you and your partner with catering if needed! We will ensure your day is one you’ll never forget. Contact us today.