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Maximizing Your Company Retreat in Chattanooga

Meetings & Parties

Brimming with Southern charm and breathtaking beauty, Chattanooga is the ideal backdrop for companies planning a team retreat. As the city continues to rise as a top travel destination, businesses have started to unlock its full potential by hosting team-building adventures in the great outdoors and exploring the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. 

If your company is looking for tips on how to host a great company retreat in the Chattanooga area, let our blog guide you to maximizing your experience. 

Choose a Venue

Since you already know you’ll be hosting a company retreat in Chattanooga, the next step is to choose a venue. It’s important to keep in mind that a venue can greatly impact the success of your retreat by affecting the overall experience, logistics, and the ability to achieve your retreat goals. It’s essential to carefully consider your objectives and the needs of your team when selecting a venue to help maximize its effectiveness. Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing the perfect event space for your company retreat: 

  • Location: Ensure that the venue's location is easily accessible to all attendees, taking into account proximity to airports, restaurants, shops, and other experiences that align with your retreat's objectives.
  • Capacity and Layout: Verify that the venue can comfortably accommodate your entire group by inquiring about its capacity and assessing whether the layout suits your company's specific goals and activities.
  • Amenities and Services: Before choosing your venue, compare the offerings in terms of amenities and services, such as catering, availability of audiovisual equipment, tables, chairs, and more. This proactive approach can save time and money.
  • Technical Capabilities: If you know your retreat will involve company presentations in some capacity, consider the technical requirements of an event space, such as large screens and microphones, and compile a checklist of necessary equipment to ensure a smooth event.
  • Cost and Budgeting: Factoring in the cost of the event venue is a crucial component of your retreat budget. A venue that meets your requirements effectively can help you avoid overspending amidst the complexities of event planning.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Validate the event venue's track record by checking online reviews on platforms like Google or Facebook, gauging the satisfaction levels of past clients.

Chattanooga has a lot of different venues that can cater to company retreats. A few popular event rentals include the Chattanooga Convention Center for larger spaces, Common House for mid-sized company retreats, and Grandview for an intimate, mountaintop escape. 

Arrange Accommodations

If you're planning a multi-day company retreat away from your team's hometown, accommodations should be a main consideration. Thoughtful planning can lead to accommodations that streamline travel logistics and maximize the time available for retreat-related activities, especially when selecting an event venue that also offers lodging. This eliminates the need for participants to commute to and from the venue, enhancing the overall convenience and efficiency of the retreat. Fortunately, in Chattanooga, there are plenty of places that will both accommodate and host your company retreat.

For example, in Chattanooga, Common House conveniently doubles as an event venue and hotel, offering a seamless experience for retreat attendees. Alternatively, meeting spaces like Grandview collaborate with accommodations such as the Chanticleer Inn, which is just across the street. This is a great option for companies looking to host a retreat in the more scenic areas of Chattanooga, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Choose the Right Dining Experience 

Planning meals for a large group of people can be challenging, especially when there are team members with different dietary needs. The best way to address this is by consulting your team in advance to gather a list of dietary preferences and restrictions. By factoring in these considerations, you’ll get a better understanding of what dining options will work best for your team. Whether you opt for an upscale restaurant with an intimate ambiance or arrange catering at your retreat venue, it is crucial to choose a venue that can readily accommodate your team's needs. 

Plan Team Activities

For many companies, especially those with remote teams, arranging face-to-face interactions can be challenging. Team-building activities serve to strengthen those relationships among team members, improve communication, foster collaboration, and enhance overall teamwork. When planning a company retreat, it's important to consider the importance of including these types of activities for everyone involved to promote an enjoyable atmosphere while imparting valuable lessons. To help you plan, here are some recommended team-building activities in the Chattanooga area:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Chattanooga offers a number of outdoor activities ranging from hiking, zip-lining, rafting, climbing, and more. Through these shared experiences, team members can bond by conquering physical challenges together.
  • Team-Building Challenges: There are multiple options for Escape Rooms in the Chattanooga area that require teams to solve puzzles and riddles in a confined space, promoting collaboration, problem-solving, and time management.
  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse your team in the local culture by delving into the city's arts, cuisine, and history. Explore the Bluff View Art District, home to the Hunter Museum and Tony’s Pasta Shop
  • Brewery and Distillery Tours: If your team has an appreciation for craft beverages, Chattanooga offers an array of noteworthy breweries and distilleries. To name a few, consider visiting Chattanooga Brewing Co., Oddstory Brewing, and Chattanooga Whiskey.

As you are planning your company retreat, remember to tailor retreat activities to your team’s interests and objectives. Consider not only team-building exercises but also reflection sessions to maximize the benefits of your time together. By choosing Chattanooga as the city to host your company retreat, you are sure to find a diverse range of offerings for everyone to enjoy.

Organize for Transportation 

Transportation and proper logistics are an important part of a successful company retreat. To prepare, companies should start by assessing the transportation needs of their team, considering factors such as group size, distances between locations, and any special requirements. Booking reliable transportation services and creating a well-organized itinerary can help avoid delays and inconveniences, allowing employees to focus on team building and relaxation rather than logistical concerns.

Contact Grandview for Your Next Company Retreat

If you’re looking to host your company retreat at a scenic venue atop a mountain in Chattanooga, look no further than Grandview. Grandview provides a variety of meeting spaces, including multiple conference rooms, equipped with the technology needed for a productive and efficient meeting. Not to mention, our venue also offers a range of catering options, from light refreshments to full-service meals. Learn more about our venue and contact us today.